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Nikita's Story;

AKC Siberian Husky Saves Life:


I got my first AKC Siberian Husky in 2010 for my birthday. We named her Nikita Wild Fire; for her sensual spirit.
                 She called to me while I was going through another breeders' set-up and since then we have always been very close and are almost never apart.

          This story starts in May 2012;
                My Siberian Husky out nowhere, stopped sitting with me and started sitting by my husband Wes. She was constantly placing her paw, with added pressure, on his chest. This was very strange behavior for Nikita, as we both agreed. For Nikita always sat with me, she would always sleep on my side of the bed, and if my hand fell off the bed I would wake with her rubbing or licking my hand. She is truly my Siberian Husky. So when she started acting different this caused me to pay more attention to detail that were going on. For I have heard that Siberian Huskies, and other breeds have alerted people when there are problems. One day while watching Wes, I began to wander if maybe something was really wrong, for not only was my husky acting strange but my husband sort of seemed like he was lost for breath and just not himself. So after days of nagging I finally got Wes to go to the Doctor. Of course, at first he told me I was just being over worried about nothing. But, I reassured him that just having a simple check-up and stress test would give me a peace of mind on this strange situation, and I also told him if he did this I would quit nagging him. After he finally decided to go, they found that he was in need of a quad bypass.
                To this day I still say: it was thanks to our Siberian Husky Nikita that a Heart attacks was avoided for Wes. Doctors exact phase was "this was caught just in time for there was no real damage done to his heart".

               This was a true miracle; for our Siberian Husky dog Nikita never had any professional training. This is why we continue to raise American Kennel Club Siberian Huskies!
As well as why we will continue to sale Siberian Husky puppies; in hopes that they will do for others, what they have done for us. and at the very least they can share their Love with other.
                A few things we learned right away, was that Siberian Huskies do not like to be alone. They want to be with you. They are very smart and if they get bored they will find a way to let you know. Guess that's just like a kid.